9 Herbal Tea Recipe For Cough

Mostly at winter most of people suffer from cough.Once it starts it doesn’thealseasly.I would like to give information about some herbs that may help you struggle with cough.I can’t guarantee that these herbs will stop your cough but will definitely help and relax you.
(Before start to write , want to tell that none of theists effect as medicine,they’relittlehelpers to relax you.Please go doctor about your situation because you may have another serious problem alerts with cough.)
Let’s get started

·         LINDEN TEA

As far as the cough is concerned linden tea is  our fist and maybe the strongest cough fighter.
Flavonoids,one of the component in it,effects as pain and inflammation killer.Meanwhile helps to smooth throat and reduces irritation.So this is why you can drink 2-3 cups a day to fight with cough.Don’taddsugarcausesugar can have reaction with components.You need add honey under 40 degree heat.


Quinces and leafs have been using for long times.Components of quinceleafsare good for throat infections and helps to smooth throat.You can steep flowers and leafs of plant.Please don’t add sugar If you’redrinking for treatment.You can drink 2-3 cups a day.(steeping about 3-5 mins for fresh leafs  and 10-15 mins for dry leafs will be enough for preparation.)

·         ECHINECEA

Echinecea is highly recommended for protection from flu&cold. You can drink twice a day with honey.

          This mixture is one of the most amazing tea that you can use to fight with cough.It smooth stroat and helps to speed up healing period.You can drink 2-3 cups a day.


Volatile components of cloves effects as antiseptic and pain killer at bacteria&virus caused throat infections.
Also some of components of ginger has immuflation killer effect.That’s why we can mix1tbsp. honey+ 1 teasp. ginger +1 teasp.clove and take this cure to help fight with cough.If you wish you can add lemon to this mixture and take 1-2 dessertsp. a day.


Researches show that black pepper is good for lot of things(strengths immune system,against cancer,good for spasms.. etc.)  You can steep pepper and gargle with this.Also you can steep pepper, add 1 dessertsp. honey and drink(If you have reflux,gastritis,ulcer or any other stomach problem please don’t drink without refer of your doctor!)


High antioxidant effects of green tea is well known by everyone.When it combines with cordamon it strengths immune system and fights with throat infections.You can both gargle and drink.(If you have tachycardia or hypertension please don’t use without refer of your doctor)

·         QUINCE TEA

Quince tea has smoothing and relaxing effect for cough.           
Steep quince seed in cup of water about 5-10 mins and drink.

You can mix 1 tbsp. honey ,1 teasp. ginger ,1 teasp. black pepper,1 teasp.cinnamon and half lemon juice then use up before your meals (2-3 dessertsp. a day) .This will help to reduce irritation.

(Please check If you have allergy to any of this herbs that we use for teas.Also want to say that please go to doctor in any case to check If you have any other problem.After that you can use this teas just to help and support your treatment.)

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