Almond Benefits-A Great Painkiller

I still can’t realize have painkiller works and finds right place that have pain and stops it.That means yes painkiller works for somewhere and meantime harms another place.(It’s my own idea-I’m talking about medicines.)
I’m teached that I don’t have to take medicines If I really don’t need ,because effect of medicines to liver.That’s why I always search for herbal,natural solutions for diseases.
Did you know that almond is a real painkiller ?? It has saline which has natural painkiller effect.Also almond contains magnesium that reliefs muscles and takes your stress.
I have migraine and can’t describe the pain that I get . When I feel like I’ll have headache I take 10-12 pc almond and It really helps. Once I’ve read that It effects like you take 2 aspirin.

Recommend you to try this instead of taking painkillers every time.(Of course If you don’t have serious illness that cause pains.) 

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