Facial Steam Benefits and Uses

Facial steam bath is very popular at akin care and nasal congestion.At this post I will tell about skin care.After a long stressful day,you can spoil yourself with short steam bath/facial steam.Steam accelerates blood circulation and open spores,means clean your face  and pores.At this point,in a sense facial steam has same effect with detox.
After facial steam apply ingpore cleaning masks and moisturizing cream is highly recommended but If you have limited time just facial steam will be enough (maybe you can add some herbs or oils)

So simple to prepare and apply.Ingredients are all up to your pleasure.
Your skin must be clean before applying steam no make-up or anything else.Because steam opens pore and If you have dirt on face,they fill in pores and lead up to acnes.

·         Boiling water
·         Essential oil(optional) or herbs-herbal tea bags ( optional)
·         Towel
Fill medium sized glass bowl with steaming water. Put your herbs or oils into water.
Use your towel thetprepared before as tent over your head when you lean on bowl.Close your eyes and wait about 10 minutes for steam to penetrate into skin.

Here some essential oil recommendation for your facial steam bath;
·         Energy : Lemon or Mint oil
·         Relaxing :Lavender or Chamomile oil
·         Cold: Mint or Eucalyptus oil
·         Stress Reducing : Bergamot or Sandal wood tree oil

Also you can use herbs of this oils,or other herb/oils that you like for your facial steam bath.
Please read warnings before applying steam ;
·         Don’t get too close to steam.You could risk getting steam burn !
·         Review you allergy table before putting oils and herbs.If you have any allergy or any doubt about this,don’tapplysteam with herb or oil.
·         Facial steam is not recommended for dry and sensitive skins.Steam changes acid and water rate of skin  and may cause more dry skin even eczema.

Enjoy your facial steam
bath !

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