Herbal Relaxing Tea For Period

If you ask  a woman about her most horrible week of month,probably the answer will be ‘’period of mensturation’’.

You can read tips how to softly overcome menstruation period here,but at this post I will give simple recipe to help reduce menstrual pain.
Most of woman suffer from ovarian cysts nowadays (approximately 1 out of 10 has this problem).I’m not sure If this cysts are common in the past,there’relots of new facts that we hadn’tbefore  as food habits ,lifestyle..etc.

First take a look to ingredient sand learn a few things about them ;
There’relots of benefits of these herbs except menstruation issues,but I will just give small info about benefits for period.
*Good for period pain(definitely stops pain,tested and approved!)
*Calms down,reduces menstruation caused stress,emotional difficulties
*Good for menstruation caused pain(ease the ache).
*Effects like expectorant.If you have delays , keeps your period scheduled

Well,now let’s get started ;
·         Milfoil/yarrow
·         Alchamilla
1-Put a dash of milfoil and alchamilla into cup and pour boiling water.
2-Steepabout5 to 10mins.(depends on your taste,kind of bitter)
(Honestly it’s not one of the most delicious thing of the world,but for me it’s really really helps for your period.)
Voila ! Bon Appetite !

(If you have allergy any of this ingredient,please ask to your doctor!)

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