Herbal Remedies for Nasal Congestion

We all suffer from nasal congestionfor some reasons (flu,air drynes,sinus .. etc.) Actually we have just a few simple herbal solutions that we can prepare and apply at home.
First ,we can start with ;

·         EUCALYPTUS

First boil eucalyptus leafs in a bowl.Then we will follow same steps with facial steam method.
(Breath that steam ,you’ll see it will help you to breath easily.)

The we can continue with ;


Mix all herbs and boil about 5 to 10 mins. That great smell will ease your breathing.

Now we will make something different (will prepare a drink);


Mix a cup of water with 2 tbsp of cider vinegar and honey.Wait about3 minutes and drink.

And we will end our post with nasal steam !
·         NASAL STEAM

Actually water is solution for everything.

Boil water in a water till it vapors.Then breath that steam.This will relax you just a little.

(just as we did at facial steam)

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