Lemon Juice Uses and Benefits

Lemon ! Our cutie,yellowish,delicious but sour little fruit .Plus it protects you from diseases.
It keep slots of minerals such as magnesium,pectin and calcium.You can fight wittiness with a cup of lemon juice.

If you have white lines on nail,it’sbecause lack of vitamin.

Lemon juice strength nails and avoid breaking.There’re lot of product for nails but you can solve this problem by natural ways.

·         REFLUX

Lemon juice replace with antacid medicines for reflux and help your treatment.
(But first please contact with your doctor !)

·         ALCOHOLISM

You can get help from lemon when you can’t stop your alcohol desire.

Just drink a cup of sugar-free lemon juice when you want to drink alcohol.This will reduce your desire.

·         PH LEVEL

Lemon juice helps to alkalize your body even it contains acid.And balance PH level of body.

·         OSTEOLYSIS

With calcium and vitamins in it,lemon strengths your bones,and help you to fight with osteolysis.

·         COLD

Lemon is goods for cold.You can mix with hot water and honey(you can add black pepper If you wish) and drink this mixture to fight with cold.

·         HAIR CARE

You can use lemon juice to give brightness to your hair,at the same time you can strength your hair too.

·         SKIN
Vitamin C  is also good for wrinkles and blackheads,cleans toxins.You can directly massage warm water with lemon juice to your skin.

·         SUNPOTS

Mix a dessertspoon of lemon juice and honey with salammoniac  (as far as it takes).

Dab this to problem area as cream(everyday). Don’t forget to use sun protection before going out. This will help you to reduce your sun pots and block to create new ones.

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