Rose Water- Ancient Secret Of Beauty

I don’t know you but I have a real addiction to rose  I mean everything made from rose,with rose,rose,rose... It smells incredibly beautiful.It gives amazing peace ,also makes happy. Who doesn’t be happy with flowers?
Anyway,it’s not only happiness and relief that we get from rose.It has a long and strong place in history.It’s been using as treatment for disease and also has lots of benefits for skin.
It has antibacterial,treater,calming and antiseptic property.Also rich from the point of  vitamin A,B3,C,E and D . So I guess now you may have a little idea about benefits of rose water to skin.
Rose is very popular at cosmetic sector .There’re lot of product contains rose.But If I have option at nature of course I’ll choose what mother nature gives.
Today I’ll tell you about one of the beautiful gift that roses give us: very simple but perfect ROSE WATER ! Simplicity is always the best.Isn’t it ?

Let’s take a look some benefits of rose water:
It’s mostly used to treat skin infections .Has an amazing calming and smoothing effect.
And also good for dry skins.Great moisturizer.
Cleans skin and effects as tonic.
Heals puffiness,redness and blemishes.
Also good for hair too.Speeds up blood flow thus feeds hair bulb and reduces hair loss.

It’s very important that your water has to be 100 % pure and natural.Most of rose water has additive  so you have to take care ingredients of rose water.Actually you can do your rose water at home.(I’ll give you the recipe soon.)
Biggest problem of sensitive skin is redness after skin care routine.You can forget this problem with rose water because as I said before It has amazing calming effect and suitable for every skin types.
Rose water reduces inflammation and itch at this point we can say that it’s good for eczema and mycetes caused skin dryness and itch.(You can apply 2-3 times a day.)
Thanks to antibacterial effect,you can also use for acnes.It kills bacterias that cause acne and cleans skin.With this cleaningyou’ll have opened pores means you’llgetrid of that annoying blackheads.

Did I said it’s an amazing moisturizer for skin ? If you feel your skin is drying day by day,or you already have dry skin just spray or apply with cotton rose water to your face.You’llseedifference.But If you want to see result please don’t forget that you need to use 100 % pure rose water.
P.S: If you have oily or karma skin I don’t recommend you to use often.Because it’s a strong moisturizer so you can have more oily skin.
Lastly you can use rose water as deodorant,tonic,moisturizer,makeup remover of just  like refresher.

If you have questions please let me know and comment. See you at next post ! 

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