Vanilla Sugar Recipe

I love everything about vanilla.It’s smell,taste,color everything made of vanilla can make me happy.Today I’ll give a healthy recipe with vanilla stick. I’ve been using this mixture for years.Loong loong time ago I found this recipe by chance and had deep searchs about it.Guess what happened ?I decided to use this instead of vanilin of course. I always prefer natural options If I have chance to make it on my own.
Vanilin is a synthetic stuff that obtains from lignin which is by-product that used at paper production . So If you don’t matter to use a synthetic stuff then you can keep going with vanilin but If you ask me I’ll highly recommend you to give a chance this recipe.
We all have vanilin at our kitchens and literally It’s irreplaceable stuff of all cake&cookie recipes.
You can add this sugar to your tea,coffee,cakes,cookies.. wherever you use sugar/sweet/vanilin.
(You can also use vanilla extract too but I’ll prepare another post about it later,cause It’s a little bit different and takes time to prepare.)

Ingredients :
* Sugar -340 gr (app.- 2 water glass-250 ml)
* Vanilla stick (1 or 2 will be enough)
Split vanilla stick from mid (you will get 2 pc) and scratch seeds (you may scratch with knive)
Slice stick pieces to 2 pieces too.(now we have 4 pieces)
Put sugar into jar ,add vanilla seeds and sticks then mix well.
Tightly close cap of jar and set to rest 2 weeks.
When you start using mixture don’t forget to add sugar and vanilla in time.

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