Aloe Vera Benefits and Uses

Here’s is the best proof that mother nature gives us everything that we need with that beautiful green plants.
I heard a lot of things about Aloe Vera gel but long time I don’t know why I didn’t try it.Once my neighbour gave me aloe vera plant in a pot it was a baby I need to grow it ,but I don’t know why it dryed and die then I didn’t try again... till my another friend gave me another pot with aloe vera plant,besides this one is really big.
Imagine something that heals everything it touches.You don’t have to pay lot of money to cosmetics with aloe vera,or you don’t have to make a big effort to use your own raw gel.Imagine that when you wake in there morning you can just break a leaf and dab the gel(in leaf) on your face.That’s all ,your face get moisturized in a great way.
I know there’re lots of product with aloe vera on the market but I don’t like the idea of putting something with lot of additive in it. I always and always prefer If I have natural option that I can use.If you don’t want to give chance natural ones then okey but please pay attention and check ingredients;aloe vera gel has to be in the first lines.Because it shows the usage rate of aloe vera.If it contains much you can see in the first lines , but If you see at lower lines please don’t buy and try another ones(It rules for every product.)
Aloe vera is full with A,B1,B2,B3,B6,B12,C,E vitamins and lot of minerals.Also have antiviral,antibacterial and anti fungal effect.Isn’t it amazing ?
You can use aloe vera for ;


With proteins and vitamins aloe vera increases collagen production and this speeds up healing process.You can apply needed amount on burnt,scars and cuts.You can keep with a jar in fridge or just with leaf.You can keep till you heal.

You can also use for sun burnts.It really helps,relaxes and refreshes.


With antibacterial and inflammation dryer effect you can use aloe vera for your acnes.(especially that acnes with pains.) You can use 3-4 times a day .


You can mix gel with rose oil.This mixture is good for your headache.Massage with this mixture the places that you feel ache.


It smooths skin as smooth as a baby’s butt.

If you have blemishes mix a leaf of gel with half cup of rose water.(smash well) Apply with cotton and rinse with cold water after 20 mins.

You can also balance your oil level and get rid of that oily brightness on your face.

Just add 1 dessertsp og honey to one leaf of jel and mix well.Dab it on your face and wait for 20 mins.You’ll see difference when you wash your face.

If you have really dry skin you can mix a leaf of gel with olive oil/coconut oil or almond oil(it’s optional and 5 drops will be enough) Apply to your clean skin and wait for 20 mins.This will moisture your skin for long time.


You can mix gel with vinegar ,massage to your head.It’s good for hair loss and dandruff.
Or after shower you can apply to your hair ,this will help you to smooth and soften your hair.
Of you want to give permanent shape to your hair just add a few lemon juice.Now you have your own home made hair gel.


Aloe vera keeps high incidence of water and minerals ,that means it has anti-aging effect.
You can dab a little amount to your face and neck once a day.If you add a few drops of lemon juice ,you’ll give vitamin C doping to your face.

Also you’ll see that you acne scars and blemishes get lighter by time.

And let’s end this post with a beautiful anti-aging mask recipe;


Ingredients :

Leaf of gel
2 TBSP Honey
2 Dessertsp Almond Oil
5-6 Drops Rose Oil

Mix all ingredients and massage upward to your face. You can apply this everyday and by time you’ll see the difference.

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