Aloe Vera Plant Care Guide

You can grow this miracle plant indoor .So easy to care and grow .
As we all know it’s like a miracle for health&beauty.It has lots of benefits that we can use.Plus all this benefits ,it seems beautiful with such a beautiful shade of green.
I’m sure ı’m not the one who gets happy with that green shade of plants,trees,flowers..
That’s why I love to keep,grow plants at home.It’skinda good for health too.Freshes air,gives happiness,takes stress..
I will prepare another post about some indoor plants that you can easily grow,but today I will give small information about that out little miracle,ALOE VERA !
Aloe Vera plant is approved by WHO(World Health Organization) that has no any side effect.You can just break the leaf and dab the gel to needed areas.
 Beside all that amazing benefits,Aloe Vera’s not that spoilt plant,they don’t need much care.They give roots on their own,without extra care.They’restrong and hard plants.


Aloe Vera’s like light places but you have to avoid expose direct sun lights.

When they can’t get enough light,they can’t feed enough and they start to fade and get dark.


They don’t need much water.

You can water Aloe Vera plant 2-3 times a week (at summer times) and once a week will be enough for cold winter times.


As we mentioned before,you don’t have to do something extra to get new baby roots.
You’llsee new coming roots when you get plant.They always and easily give roots.

When you want to take roots to other pot,kindly take root,try not to harm the plant.

And plant the root into moistured sole,don’twater!(till it dries)

That’s all.See , it’s that simple to grow Aloe Vera.

Oh,forgot to add the most important thing  that you have to do.Grow your plant with LOVE! 

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