How to Get Rid Of Under Eye Bag/Dark Circles

Most of people complain about dark circles and under eye bags.Well,it’s doesn’t seems good but thanks to god there’re lots of quick solutions.
Before jump into natural tips to get rid of circles and bags ,want to inform you what effects and causes .
İrregular sleep,dehydration,alcohol,tiredness,stress,using excessive caffeine-salt,irregular eating habit... etc.
Yes ,we have lots of medical,herbal,cosmetic options to get rid of circle and bags,but first of all you have to change your lifestyle.
Sleeping and resting your body is the first important rule! Except eye circles and bags,sleepiness makes weight and stress and effects whole health.Try to sleep and wake up at same time.  Don’t forget that If you sleep/rest well,you will look well !
Change your eating habits. Try to get breakfast routine.Don’t forget you’re what you eat!
Drink lot of water.It makes your skin brighter and healthier.Don’t forget that ¾ of human body is full with water!
Don’t try to hide your circles/bags with concealers or any other cosmetic ,let your skin breath!
Looking to screen all day causes dark circles and bags.I’m sure I’m not the one who hates working all day,stuck ed in an office looking to screen but whatever J Looking to PC screen all day really tires eyes.You can give small breaks and rest your eyes as well.
Except these lifestyle caused circles/bags we can add some other reasons as; allergy,eczema,pigmentation disorders and collagen decreasing at this area (it’s natural with age) .

(If dark circles aren’t genetic,and doesn’t heal whatever you do,you’ll better refer to doctor.)
We all had small information about main reasons of darc circles and bags(acute),now time for homemade recipes and quick tips ;


Never throw you tea bags !They’re like treasure for your eyes.
·         Tea bag

1-      After having joy of cup off tea,put tea bags to fridge and rest them till they get cold.(squeeze tea bags before putting to bridge,you don’t want tea drops contact with your eye( in this case rinse your eye with lot of water) )

2-      Put cold tea bags on your eyes and rest about 10-15 mins.


Yeah,title makes me feel like I’m at fruit bazaar J


·         Cucumber
·         Potato


·         CUCUMBER

Slice cucumber (must be cold)  .And put cucumber slices on your eye&under eyer.

Renew when cucumber slices lose cold.

You can apply everyday.Cucumber freshes skin and increase bloodstream.

·         POTATO

You can follow same steps with cucumber.But potatoes doesn’t have to be cold.You can apply warm.

It has bleach effect. Brightens under eye.

Potato doesn’t have same relaxing effect as cucumber does but more effective for dark circles.

ICE CUBE-COLD SPOON              

Add ıce cubes to your morning routine.Massage to your under eye with small ıce cube.

Cold spoon has same effect.Put a spoon to fridge and set cold.Right after touch to your under eye for  2-5 seconds.

These all small herbal/natural tips can help you to reduce dark circles but first,all you have to do is change your lifestyle. 

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