Oedema - Reduce Oedema With Clove Tea

We can explain oedema as fluid accumulation in body.Mostly seen on women at menstruation period.We have abdominal swellings(I guess the most annoying one is this),puffiness on eye lids,hands, and feet.
(There’re many other reasons of oedemea,for that cases I highly recommend you to go to doctor.)
But for oedemea ,which’smenstruation caused you can prepare a quick tea and reduce effects of oedemea.
(Just want to add that ;
Don’t forget It will not effect solitary.
You need you decrease your salt usage and drink water.I mean a lot of water (2 liters per day.)
Also you have to avoid starchy foods,alcohol and fizzy drinks.! )

Now you’ll need;

2 cup of water
2 pc of clove
Dash of corn tassel
Dash of cherry stalk
Parsley ( 4-5 sprig will be enough)
Green tea (a tea bag will be enough)

Put all ingredients into boiling water.Steep about 4 minutes.
Filter and drink when it gets warmer.(you can add ice cubes if you wish)

You will see difference with a few usage.

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