Orchid Care Guide

Well, I can’t say I’m an orchid expert but I just wanted to share my little baby orchid sand their normal grown ones.As you know they rarely give flowers and when I found to chance to photograph this beauties I wanted to share with you.

I got mini orchids last year and planted into mid sized glass pot.I wasn’t sure If they can grow well or like the place ,just wanted to try but surprisingly they really got well and started to grow,I guess soon I will have to move them into larger pot.

Orchids are so elegant flowers,at least for me. They are really chick and changes the ambiance of the room.ınspite of they don’t need much care they’reverydelicateplants ,so you have to be a little careful and patient.

I’ll tell what I do for my orchids ,maybe you’llinspire some of them:)


As everybody knows theydon’tneedmuchwater, once a week is enough for them. First I water the roots kindly, like washing them,after that I put a little amount of water into the pot ,thus roots can get water from the holes and provide the water that it needs.
             For little orchids,Ikinda have difficulty while watering.Cause the pot doesn’t have any hole ,so excess water can’t go out.I water the orchid just like normal flower and wait about  1 day to roots get needed water,and then I pour excess water .Every time I repeat the same step,cause much water can harm and decay the roots.

Also don’t forget to clean the leafs.It’s too important,once a week gently clean dusts on the leafs with a wipe.That will be enough.


Like every plant,orchids like light places but not directly the sunlight.
Roots has to take sunlight ,so you have to prefer glass /transparent pots.
I keep my orchids at my living room,that gets well sunlight so I don’t have to do extra things to support light.( but sometimes ,when I feel they need more sunlight,I move them in front of window,so they get their sun bath:))

Little tips :

Try to find the perfect place for your plant.If it likes it’s place you will see how beautiful grows and give you the perfect flowers.

Once a month,I give my plants water with sugar.I think they need it and get enough extra food from it.Remember when we get ill we have serum to get well,it’s kind of sugary water too.So as always I don’t prefer to give chemical plant food to grow my plants and give sugary water.
I kept the most important tip to end.Just love your flowers like everything and show your love,spread your love to your plant,you will see how fast and gorgeous grow they will !

Lastly,want to share a few photo of my beauties with you.

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