Benefits Of Whey

Whey is useful as cheese,even a little bit more useful we can say.We can count lots of benefits of whey but today we’ll see just a few benefits and side effects of whey.(Before getting started I have to mention that over consumption/wrong consumption may have side effects )
Let’s start with benefits ;
1-       Whey includes protein.I mean lot of protein.That makes whey very precious.
2-       Whey help to strength and grow muscles.Reduces weakness at muscles because of age.
3-       Whey helps to reduces blood pressure.Blood pressure is a serious problem that can risk for heart diseases.
4-       Whey protects antioxidants and helps to reduce oxidative stress.It also increases defense of anrtioxidants that make you feel stronger and healthier.
5-       Whey reduces hunger because of protein that it includes.Gives feeling of fullness.But of course you have to consult dietitian to add you diet!

And keep going with side effects ;

1-       Over consumption of whey causes loss of appetite.This may be good for fat people but will be problem for thinner people.
2-        Over consumption of whey causes tummy aches.
3-       Over consumption of whey causes tiredness.Especially if you only consume whey and don’t eat/drink anything else,this will be worse.
4-       Over consumption of whey causes headache.
5-       Over consumption of whey causes digestion problems.If you are sensitive to lactose,protein of whey will cause problems.

So that’a all for now that I can tell you abut whey.If something is useful,this doesn’t mean that you have to eat or drink it all day or consuming too much will be good for you.If you have lactose allergy I guess I don’t have to tell that you can’t consume whey cause you already know this J

(And lastly I want to add that If you want to loose weight please don’t apply diets just you hear from someone or read from ınternet,just consult to your doctor! )

See ya at next post !! 


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