Coffee Peeling Recipe

We all drink coffee nearly everyday.Did you ever think about to use that gorunds as peeling?
Just drink your coffee,enjoy your day and after ,dab grounds on to your face and hands.It’s just simple.
Coffee has consolidation effect and speeds up bloodstream.That’s why it’s a hero for cellulite,but I’ll prepare another post about this.

Let’s skip to preperation ;
First start drinking your coffee J
After this,apply that grounds to your face , hands (legs if you wish) and gently massage. (before application you’ve to wah your face)
About 15-20 mins later,after gorunds dry ,rinse with water.
This’ll help to get rid of dead skin easily.
That’s all !You will see diffrence after 2-3 application.

Your skin will get brighter,softer and smoother.Hope you’ll enjoy it ! J xo

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