Herbal Teas for Inflammation

Sometimes we all suffer from inflammation in our bodies.(After your medical examination of course) you can take help from herbal teas to reduce inflammation (and support your treatment).
While searching herbal teas that I can use as treatment (or support my treatment) I’m trying different herbal teas and decide if I’ll drink it again or never J I can say that below recommendations,mostly their taste are good ,but I’ll give a secret,rose hip tea is the best !

Let’s start with ;

·         GREEN TEA

Everyone knows and drinks green tea I guess.It has amazing health benefits.Plus helps to loose weight /support your diet.
I have to say that it’s an amazing tea to fight with inflammation.Also amazing antioxidant.
Helps to decrease cholesterol and fight against cancer.
You can drink a cup of green tea everyday.


Beside nauseation ginger reduces inflammation and calms knee pain that caused by arthritis.

First I have to mention that ‘If you’re using blood thinner,please AVOID TO DRINK/DON’T DRINK this tea.!

I can’t say that it’s the most delicious thing of the world but with a little slice of lemon it will be okey J

Just slice ginger and steep up about 10-12 mins.You can add lemon if you wish.

·         ROSE HIP TEA

Rose hip is well known by vitamin C.But did you know that because of  phytochemical and galactolipids ,it has anti inflammatory effect ? Rose hip is good for osteoarthritis and articular inflammations.

and last one ;

·         TURMERIC TEA

Turmeric is known as pain killer.With this it has anti inflammatory effect.Turmeric includes curcumin which is a strong antioxidant that fights with enzyme which causes inflammations.

You can mix  5 gr. of turmeric (¼ of teaspoon) with 5 gr. of ginger (¼ of teaspoon) if you wish and steep about 10-15 mins.

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