Homemade Anti-Wrinkle

We all have anti-wrinkles.I think after 25 everyone has to start to use anti-wrinkle creams to reduce that crepey,wrinky look.But you don’t have to pay big amount to buy chemical creams,serums..etc.
I’m not saying they’re bad,of course they have super powers to reduce wrinkles cause they all have so much chemical inside.When you discover the power of nature and herbs you always search a natural,herbal option for your needs.
I want to share some natural,easy to find anti-wrinkle effected ‘things J ‘ .

·         COCONUT OİL
Coconut oil is one of the best anti-wrinkle  effected oil.If you’re about 35 start to apply and massagea little amount of coconut oil to your wrinkles.Years later you’ll thank yourself J

·         HONEY

Honey,honey,honeeey that sweet thing,let’s use honey for everything J To open pores,wash your face with warm water after that put hot otwel on your face for a few minutes.
Apply a thin layer to your face ,set it for 30 mins and rinse with warm water.   
To close pores,apply and ice cube.
(You can apply this once a week.)

·         BANANA

Smash banana till it get’s cold cream consistence.
Apply to your face,rest about 20-30 minutes.And rinse with warm water.
To close pores ,don’t forget to apply /massage ice cube.
(You can apply this twice a week)

·         PINEAPPLE

Another and last one is pineapple.It has amazing anti-wrinkle effect.
Just apply a pice of pineapple to your face.
Rest about 20 mins and rinse.

You’ll feel jus you had facelift J

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