Homemade Botox Mask

By time our skin looses elasticity adn this makes us really really sad.What if I say,I have a homemade mask recipe which effects as botox J? It boosts and strains skin as well as botox.
I say just give a chance,you won’t loose anything by trying,maybe you’ll like the effect and get free botox at homeJ
Let’s skip to ingredients.You’ll need ;
Egg yolk
Lemon Juice (a tblsp)
Milk (a tblsp)
Honey (a tblsp)
Salt (a pinch of)
·         Mix all ingredients
·         Apply mixture on your face(don’t dab under eye)(and don’t forget to clean your face before application.)
·         Wait about 10 minutes and dapply one more coat.
·         Repeat previous step again(We’ll have 3 coats )
·         Rinse your face with warm water.

Hope you’ll like this mask.Don’t forget to commet if you have smilar or any other mask recipes.See you

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