Honeysuckle-How To Eat Honeysuckle Nectar

Today I was walking around the garden and I saw honeysuckles and went to my childhood.We’re addicted to honeysucle nectar.Yeah.. childhood is the best time of a person ..
Whatever,when I see honeysucles I wanted to share how you can get / eat that sweet,amazingly delicious nectar.Let me tell this like dessert recipeJ

 • Ingredients:
·         First find your honeysuckle
·          Then smell it (it smells so sweet and amazing! Your stress level will fall and you'll get relaxed)
·          Now if you're ready gently pick a flower off the vine and pinch from that green spot at the bottom of the flower
·          Pull on the end of the flower ,a white string will show up that connected to calyx.This string is the style,part of fenale half of the flower.Continue to pull down the center of the flower.
·          Finally you can see the nectar ! Now bring it to your mouth and enjoy your dessert !

(P.S:Sorry for quality of photos,I didn’t miss chance post about honeysuckles nectar,I just took photos with 

my phone.Just for this time,forgive me  J

 P.S 2 :I didn’t had any allergic reaction or side effect of this nectar. And as far as I know,there’s no harmful 

effect of eating this.)

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