How To Steep Linden Tea

Linden tea is actually a winter tea but linden smell reminds me about spring.I don’t know why,kind of awkward 

If we had cold or cough or jus feel weak we all have linden tea,and yeah it’s like miracle .  had shower last day and had to go outside with wet hair.Guess what happened next day? I had terrible headache,throat ache and a little cough.It was week days so I need to go job (means I had to speed up healing) that’s why just for a moment I thought about to take medice for flu ! But of course I didn’t take pills,went to kitchen and steeped my lovely lindens. Drink 2 cups of linden tea and in the morning I was feeling better,at least cough and throat ache had gone,only had nasal drainage with red nose :/ See just 2 cups of linden teas is enough for speeding healing up 

I talked too much sorry,at this post I will tell you about how I steep linden tea.I don’t like to steep that teabags with just boiling water and drink.For me,it’s useless.I put a lot of thing into my tea.Of course it’s all optional ,you can add anything you want or remove any ingredient you don’t like.
Sooo,let’s get started;
Linden Leaves
Apple peel
Cinnamon Stick
Dried Ginger
Cloves(5-6 pc will be ok)

·         Pour water into pot.And add linden leaves,cinnamon stick,dried ginger,cloves and apple peel.
·         Steep at a mid heat.(about 15-20 mid)
·         Before drinking add your lemon juice or slice of lemon and honey (10 gr- 2 tsp will be ok).

I love the taste that cinnamon and apple peels give to tea.Hope you like it.SEE YOU AT NEXT POST ! 

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