Get Lemon Tree From Seed

I love lemon tree so much.It has amazing smell,taste,view,flower,energy..

It calms me when I look it,spread positive energy and makes me happy with no reason.I read something about growing lemon tree from seeds and decided to try.I wasn’t planning to post about this,so i didn’t take photos of all steps but when I get that little,cutie leafs i decided to share with you.(so,sorry for photos,I’ll try to find from internet)

So simple,so amazing ,I tried to germinate and succeeded ,now wanted to share with you steps till I got first  buds.(After my tree grows,I’ll share with you tips about lemon tree care)

I don’t know If I get the fruit or not,just know I have a loong way to see tha exact tree shape of this tiny buds and I'm so excited and unpatient to wait .But I can wait of course.

Let's talk about what you'll need;only need lemon seeds!


1-      We’ll start with finding organic , beautiful,juicy lemon.

2-      Cut both edges of lemon and split from half.Then take out all the seeds you can see.

3-      One of the most important step ; peel that thin layer on seeds and then dry with paper towel ‘well’.You have to be sure that all seeds are dry.

4-      Seperate seeds from shells.All seeds has to be shelled.

5-      Put all shelled seed into wet paper towel and fold it.

6-      It’s time to GERMINATEEE .Hide that folded seeds in dark place for 10 days.At the end of 10th day,you’ll see all your seeds sprouted.

7-      Final step(for now) :plant buds into pots give water, and put a place that gets directly sunlight.And grow that buds with your love.

8-      I water my plant twice a week(I chose Thursday and Sunday )

Share me If you’ve tried this before ! 

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