Herbal Remedies For Cracked Heels

Today we'll talk about cracked heels.

It’s a huge common problem that everyone has in their life.Especially for women it’s a disturbing situation.We prefer pedicure to get rid of cracked heels but I will tell you some tips that you can apply at home and save your money !


You can mix rose water with a moisturizing cream in a cup.Apply to cracked area and wear cotton socks.

Don’t forget you have do this before bedtime.

Voila! You will wake up with softer heels .


Mix bitter almond oil and coca oil.(amount will be rule of thumb)

Apply cracked area and wait about half hour.You can repeaqt this till you’ll get softer heels.


Cider vinegar cleans dead skin and at the same time kills bacterias that we have on our skin.

Everyday mix water and a tea cup of cider vinegar and put your feet into this mixture.Wait about 20 to 30 minutes.

And the last one is


I’m planning to prepare a detailed post about benfits&uses of olive oil.But for now I need to say that you can use olive oil to heal cracked heels.

Apply olive oil o cracked area 2 – 3 times a day.But you may need to wrap with strech that oiled area.

You can keep going till you’ll get softer heels.

Hope you enjoyed and I had a little help for your problem.

Waiting for any other methods that you use for cracked heels.See you xoxo !

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