How To Reduce Cellulite Just In 7 Days

Yes,it’s summer,bikini/swimsuit season has started.But we have nightmare as ‘cellulite’.

Well let’s clear something,cellulite is not something about weight.Thin people may have cellulite too,because it’s a health problem about circulation system.I’m not going to tell you can get rid of cellulite with this cure but at least you can reduce that look.

There’re too many products may effect faster but as always I prefer natural one.So wnated to share with you.As we mentioned it’s a health problem about circulation system ,we will prepare a massage oil ! Massage is very important at this treatment.Apply this 7 days and you’ll see it will help to reduce that cellulite look.


Rosemary Oil

Oil of thyme

Almond Oil

Wheat Germ Oil


1-      Mix rosemary and almond oil

2-      To reduce burning effect of these two oil,add almond and wheat germ oil

3-      Mix well and massage that area(with cellulite) before bedtime,cover with plastic foil and open foil in the morning.

4-      Repeat this every day till you get result.

Share if you have any other methods for cellulite.See you at next post!

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