Moisturizing Almond Mask Recipe

Do you have oily skin adn don't know how to reduce that oil of your skin? Well I have something for you.

Today we will make a simple mositurizing recipe.I have oily skin and can’t use everything that I find.But this mixture is fine for me.It helps to calm my skin adn reduce that oily shiny look of my face.

Let’s start;


· 50 gr. Grounded Almond
· 2 tblsp Honey
· 500 ml mineral water

Mix all ingredients in large bowl .

Rest about 2 hours.

Filter mixture into bottle.

Apply mixture on your face and neck with a cotton and wait about 20 mins.

You can use this mask twice a day(morning-evening)

And keep at fridge about 3 days.

Hope you'll like it,comment me If you have something different :)

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