Natural Solution For Acnes & Blackheads

If you have too much oily or dry,pale skin and If you have to fight with acnes and blackheads this yeast mask may be your solution!

It’s so easy to prepare and apply.

Yeast is rich with vitamins and minerals that helps to renew,moisture and sanitate. And this mask reduces wrinky look and balances oil level of skin.

Also yeast mask is recommended to support treatment of eczama and dermatitis(it helps to reduce effect of this diseases)

It has soooo much benefits,come and look how you can prepare and apply;


Fresh/dry yeast (1 dessertspoon)

Milk (1 dessertspoon)


Mix yeast and milk well.

Dab the mixture on your face and wait till it dries.

Rinse with cold water.

You can repeat this once a week.

I can say that this mask had helped me to cure acnes and guarantee that it will work!

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