Natural Way To Increase Breast Milk After Birth

This recipe will definetely help you to increase breast milk.First I have to say that it’s all natural and doesn’t have any side effect . One of my new-mummy being friend is using this and she highly recommends this recipe.

A new mummy being is highly emotional and so sensitive and can easily effect from anthing and at this point this means breast milk can easily effect too.You can support your breast milk with this tea.

We’ll need fennel,aniseed and cumin.

Fennel, one of the oldest plants used in herbal medicine, is a native herb of the Mediterranean region.And fennel seed includes anethole which accepted as phytoestrogen.Phytoestrogen imitates estrogen which has a huge effective role at mammary gland secration and with this helps to increase breast milk.And also it’s scientifically proven that aniseed and cumin helps to increase breast milk.

I guess now we had a little idea about this herbs. Let’s skip to preparation.

So simple to prepare,plus If you like to drink herbal teas,well it’ll be perfect for you.


Aniseed (1 teaspoon)
Fennel (1 teaspoon)
Cumin (1 teaspoon)


Mix all ingredients
Steep about 5-10 mins.

That’s all.You can have 3 times a day.

  • I am not a medical doctor, nutritionist or in a health profession or making claims to be. I am merely sharing research that I’ve done and my own personal results.
  • As with any health suggestion, be your own advocate, ask your doctor and know that nutrition and beauty advice are not one-size-fits-all. Anything you try is at your own risk.

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