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For a few weeks I couldn't post often.Actually I had to give  a break to my blog because of my job.  and after that we went to holiday with my fiance ❤ and yes today I'll tell you about our camping adventures and camping tips that I can tell you.

For last 4 years we're going to camping.After long,tiring,stressfull working season we charge ourselves at nature with our lovely tent.We prefer private camping area because we feel more safe.Yes we love natura but we don't want to attacked by bears 😊
We always prefer seaside camping areas with forest so we put our tents under long,old,beautiful pine-trees.In this way we can rest at shadow of trees all day and protect our tent from extra heat.All day all we hear is birds,maybe wind and waves.Let's take a look what we do,eat at camp.

First we find a good place for our tent.Trees are important cause you don't want to burn yourself when you want to take a nap at your tent at midday.We don't have sleeping bags,we don't like them so we put blow-up bed.Sooo comfortable.And have to tell that If you don't have sleeping bags never forget to take blanket with you to cover yourself at night.It doesn't matter which month is it ,night are cold at forest/seaside .Last time we forgot to take blanket and we freezed.Also It'll be better for you to prefer four seasons tent.It protects from cold and plus If weather turns to rain you will be safe.
Our first tent was not that good,it was just for summer and one night,suddenly it started to rain.It was bad for us 😢

If I have to say about meals,our camping area has a kitchen so we can keep our foods at fridge (yes our camp is kinda luxury one).

For breakfast we have normal,daily breakfast like creals or tomato,cucumber,cheese not too much .For lunch we have biscuits and something like that but for dinner we had soup,pasta and special recipe.Chicken at fireeee and of course smores as dessert(will give recipe below) ☺

Oh,If you have one don't forget to take hammock.It's so relaxing and peaceful.In the day time we go swimming and after that we take nap on hammock till evening.After dinner we take a walk at beach or watch stars.Then it's sleeping time.Trust me ,sleeping at tent is amazing.You've to try it.

I think that's for all now.It's my first post about camp so I may missed something,If you have any questions please let me know.

( I can not give advice about showers and toilets because our camp has cleanest bathrooms on earth so ,sorry for this missing information.Below you can see bathrooms)

Camping Food/Dinner Recipe ❤

You'll need ;

Chicken Beef
Camp fire


Chop all ingredients and put on foil.add butter and salt mix well.

Wrap with a few ply of foil and put on fire till it cooks.(it will take about an hour.)

That's all .(you can mix bologna sausage,eggplant,potato,tomato and green pepper,this is an altr

Smore Recipe ❤

You'll need ;

Camp Fire


Put marshmallows on stick and wait on fire till marsmallows get roasted.It'll be a cheesy consistence.

Take two biscuit and put that marshmallow between biscuits.Or you can just eat marshmallow,it's all about your choice.

That's all and now it's time for photos.Hope you enjoyed this post see you at other camp 😊

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