How To Naturally Grow Hair Just In A Month

I'm one of them who suffers from hairs once in life.I'm brunette who tried to change hair color to blonde (don't know why). Then tried to turn back my natural hair but it went black ... Then cut my hair and decided to get my natural hair color and long hair. In the begining my hair officially stopped grow.Guess it was angry with me. I had deep search about how to grow my hair fastly but I didn't want to use chemicals and wear out my hair again then I found the right natural cure .I couldn't belive my eyes when I realize how fastly my hair grow. It was amazing.

Then I decided to share with you this cure.I'm sure there're many people who wants to grow hair 'fast' naturally.It's so efficient and so easy to prepare and apply.First I'll tell how you'll apply then I'll give ingredients.

You've to apply this mixture twice a week.You'll repeat this for a month. (that's to say you have to apply this 8 times for first month.)

After first month you'll apply this just once a week.(you have to apply times for second month.)

And lastly you'll apply just biweekly.(you've to apply 2 times at third week.)

You'll see the difference at first week and trust me it works fastly.

Okey let's jump to ingredients and end this post.

You'll need :

Spray bottle
Olive oil
Pine Turpentine oil

Pour olive oil to spray bottle.Then add 1,5 lid of pine turpentine oil.That's all.Our super powerful mixture is ready.You've to massage to yous head and wait about 1-1,5 hour. For repetetion follow steps above.

Oh,almost forgot,you can add 1 lid of oil to you shampoo and mix well before using.(shake well before every bath)

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