%100 Natural Drink For Kids-Raspberry Juice Recipe

Raspberry juice is the exact thing we need on this hot summer days! It has amazing taste and benefits.So healthy,fresh and the most important point is all natural.Especially good for kids.You can prepare with our children,it can be a good weekend family activite too 😊
I guess every mom loves and prefers natural recipes for their kid,so I'm %100 sure that you'll love this recipe.

We grow raspberries at our garden and it's so fun to eat all raspberries from branch 😊 We pick raspberries from garden and directly go to kitchen to prepare juice.Well , what can I say,nature is our source as everytime ..

Also I will tell about some benefits of raspberry before recipe,so you will be excited to make your own raspberry juice ...

Nutrition Facts Of Raspberry(for 100 gr.)

Carbonhydrate 11,95 gr
Fiber 6,5 gr
Protein 1,2 gr
Calcium 40 mg
Vitamin A 33 mg
Vitamin C 26,2 mg
Potassium 20 mg
Sodium 1 mg
Fat 0,65 mg
Cholesterol 0

Before recipe,let's take a quick look to benefits of rasberry/raspberry juice

1- Helps to clean blood and throw toxins from body.

2 - Good for diabetes and kidney disease

3- Strengths tissues

4 - Contains vitamin A

5- Helps to decrease fever

6- Good for anemia , constipation and rheumatic diseases

7 - Without any benefit,it's %100 mere, natural .. moreover,for me it's the biggest benefit .

Now time to set to work !

You'll need ;

a kg of raspberyy ( of course)

a kg of sugar

a liter of water

15 gr salt of lemon

Clove (4-5 pc will be fine)

Steps :

Before washing raspberries ,pick over all rotten ones and stems.

Gently wash and clean all raspberries.

After washing filter the water and put raspberries into a bowl.

Add sugar and wait about 11-12 hours . ( All sugar has to be melted at this point,so let's say wait till all sugar got melted.)

After this,filter this raspberry,sugar mixture.For remaining pulp in filter just add water and smash well and filter again.(Repeat this till all pulp got smashed.)

After filter step add water ,salt of lemon and cloves and boil about 20-25 mins at low heat.

And last step,after boiling,filter the juice and put to fridge.Serve cold.

That's all!! Hope you enjoy !

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