How to Get Sun Kissed Hair Look With Camomile

We're in August it's almost end of summer,I guess i'm kind of late to post this ,but I know there're always somebody who loves light hair in every season of the year.So again,this post will help you.

Hair lightener(at hair dressers) contains lot of chemical and has really harmful effect to hair and also so expensive.If you prefer to lighten your hair in natural way,just keep reading.

I'll be honest this only works at blonde and light brown colored hair.If you have dark brown or black hair,sorry it will not work.Also don't wait your har to be super blonde or something like that.It will give a sweet sun kissed lighten hair.

This will also cure and feed your hair ,so easy to prepare and apply also has a good scent.



Spray Bottle


Boil a handful of camomile in a pot.

After boiling step,wait till it cool.

Pour into spray bottle.

You can apply after bath to moistured hair ,or just dry hair with spray bottle.The dry your hair with sun.

You can get the exact result after 4th or 5th application.

You can apply 2-3 times a week.

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