Miracle Night Serum-Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Today I'll post just a bit different.This is my first product review post I'm not sure if I'll continue this serial but I couldn't keep this secret anymore and decided to share with you ☺

(This is not a sponsored post or ad.I bought this on my own and used and decided to share with you.)

As you know I'm mad for noatural things and I don't want to use chemicals on my skin.Normally I always use/make my own diy products but i'm new at essential oils and ı can't figure how much amount will be enough for my special mixture,till that day I use my best ,favorite 100% natural Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concantre.(but I'm trying to find my own mixture and I'll share with you as soon as I 'll find it.)

Previosuly I told you how much I like this oil at instagram.Then I continued to use and now I think I can give you detailed information .

First let me tell about the brand.Kiehl's has started as pharmacy at 1851 and by time they grow and started to produce natural products.(for more I'll share website link below post)I'm sure you'll like this brand as much as me If you're mad at natural things.I also use Creamy Eye Treatment With Avcado but I've to confess that I didn't like this cream so much.Yes it's enough but not that much,that's all.

Okey let's talk about Midnight Recovery Concantre .It's a night time serum for facialcare.
I will shortly tell you how I use this.Before bedtime ,2 drop is enough,heat with your hand and apply to your face with cushion moves! (I'm not sure If I can tell exactly what I try to mean 😃)

It starts to effect slowly after 3-4 days .Brightens skin and gives a good clarity.After a month starts to grab people's attention.Pepople starts to ask there's something different with you,did you do something to your face?(besides I like this part).It helps your face to seen more young,clear,healthy and shiny.

It has a small bottle,contains 30 ml,but you have to use just 2 drops of oil so a bottle will be highly enough for you for a long time.(btw product life is 18 months.)

It's also an amazing mositurizer for skin.I've a mixed skin mostly oily but my cheeks are really dry.This oil supplies needed mositure to my skin.(Just try not to dab eye area).

And lastly I realized this one accidentally,it dries acnes.just put a little amount of oil on acne before bed and ta-daaa in the morning nothing remains.(but I don't recommend you o apply big inflammatory acnes because inflammatory dries and acne stays as a scar for a long time.. )

It's paraben free and all natural as I said before,below you can see ingredients that I got from their website.

If you want to view and buy below you can see link.(It's 46.00$  and worths every cent you pay.)


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