Remove Hair Dye With Baking Soda

I think I try to save you from hair dresser cost,dont know why 😂😂 We all had hair color trouble at least once in our life. I did really stupid thing last year.Had ombre before then gt bored from it and tried to turn back my own hair color(dark brown) and guess what my hair turned to black ! really really black,I mean not dark brown literally black.And the worst part is my left side of head was black right side of is light brown mixed with dark brown 😂

I refused to go hair dresser cause I had to wait about 2 weeks to not to harm my hair,then started to search what can I do immediately at home without giving big damage to my hair.And I found this baking soda thing.It really works.Even it lightened my own hair like hair lightener and i liked it.

Well this's enough I talked too much,let's see how you can prepare.


Baking Soda (3 teaspoon)

Dandruff Shampoo

Hair Conditioner


1- As first step,wash your hair with dandruff shampoo.This shampoo has needed high PH level to remove hair dye.

2- Mix baking soda and shampoo in a bowl.

3- Dab this mixture to your hair,and massage well.Be sure you covered all of your haşr with this mixture.

4-Wait about 10-15 mns and wash with dandruff shampoo.

5- Apply hair conditioner to soften and smooth your hair.

As you see it's so simple and cheap to apply.You can repeat this twice a week till you get your exact color you want.

Hope you liked this,I'd like to know If you have any other natural solution for hair dyes.

See you at next post!

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