Strawberry Cup Recipe

We're nearly end of summer and it's last times of strawberry,I said this is the chance ,I've to post before strawberry season ends.Today I wanted to share a presentation idea that may inspire you.It's not abig thing actually very simple but I like the view.It's a fun way to eat strawberry,well i don't like ordinary serves always have to make  small touches.

I'm not sure If I mentioned before but I'm also addicted to kitchen ,I love to try new things and find recipes,tastes on my own so I decided to post about some of my recipes too.

For beginning i decided to post this strawberry cup''recipe'' (Actually it's not a recipe but let's keep it low 😋 )

Also I've post benefits of strawberry before,you can read it from here

All you need is :

Castor Sugar 

1- Wash strawberries well.
2-Put into glass.
3-Serve with castor sugar and fresh mint.

That's all.. You can add ice cream or whip cream it all depends on your taste/wish

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