Super Quick Toast Recipe For Breakfast

We have aged bread and we want to use it,or we don't want to have regular breakfast and do something different.Ok then come ,I've a super easy recipe for you.

Preparation takes only 5 mins,it's so tasty and cute looking 😊

You'll need;

Green Pepper
A pinch of salt
Yellow Cheese

Steps :

1- Chop tomatos and peppers into small pieces.(shape/size is not important you can do however you wish.) Meanwhile smash the cheese.

2-Whisk the egg in a bowl.Then put all ingredients in this bowl and mix well.

3- Put this mixture on to bread slices then bake at 180 c/ 350 F (don't forget to preheat) about 10 mins.

4- After 10 mins add shredded cheese and wait till cheese melts.

Serve hot 😊

You can add anything you wish for your taste,sometimes  I and black cumin and thyme,it gives an amazing taste too..

Hope you enjoy this quick recipe.See you at another post !

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