How To Avoid From Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the most nightmare for women.If you have once you can't return  back easily.I guess it's not easy to deal with that view.I was really shocked when I saw mines first time.I tried a lot things but to be honest most of them is working all that cosmetic things are just waste of money.. unfortunately..

Yes you can't totally destroy them but there're a few basic points that you can pay attention at your daily life.Cause it all starts with your lifestyle.

For example you have to avoid from ;


All that shock diet programs may help you to save the day but it's harmful for your health.It's a huge another topic to discuss about but just for now I'll tell it's effect for skin.

Depending on weight loss or gain skin starts to stretch and elasticity starts to weaken.This situation goes for pregnancy too.So in this case using products to keep elasticity of skin is very important for you skin care routine.


To protect moisture of skin from inside and outside is one of the most important rule of avoiding from stretch marks.If you keep your skin dry you'll see that your skin ages faster than normal.

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The basic and simple point of protecting your skin and moisture from inside and outside is drinking water.Don't forget to keep drinking water everyday ! (at least 2 lt) I assume you already know importance of drinking water from your skin,if you don't I 've a post abut importance of water too,don't forget to read it! 😏


Yeah I know that title is common but I'll explain that what i  mean.You want to get shape as soon as possible and start to go gym class 7/24, fill your plates with carbs.And at this point  depending on your body mass raise your stretch marks starts to appear.

To avoid that marks especially at your arms and legs you need to pay extra attention to your daily caloric intake and avoid from heavy gym programs. 


If your vitamin A,C,E and mineral of zinc stores are enough you'll see how your skin is bright and smooth.To avoid and reduce stretch marks you have to add green leaved vegetables to your plates.This will help you to support your skin from inside.To support from outside you have to massage your skin with oils and creams includes vitamin A & E. I prefer mineral oils and soon will prepare post about oils that good for stretch marks.

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Yes,I think i talked too much bu forget to tell most important thing.

Except all of this stuff,first you have to love yourself and your body.You're beautiful with your scars,stretch marks,acnes etc...  Don't forget this ! 

If you have stretch marks it's not that important,don't matter and stress yourself about this,see you've lot of option to try and pay attention about 😊

See you at next post,bye! 


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