How To Pick Right Running Shoe ?

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Today I prepared a ittle bir different post for you.How to pick right running shoes ?Have you ever asked to yourself? Let's see the importance of right shoes together.

To choose the right shoe is be all important for runners.How to pick right shoe and what criteration must we pay attention to foot and ankle disability?

1-Decide Where'll You Use The Shoe

The biggest important criteria of choosing shoe is to decide where'll you use the shoe or what will you use for.Weekly running terms,or the racingtrack that you run is the main detail to think about before going shopping .

2-Past Disabilities,If Yes,Learn How It Will Effect Your Running Performance

Old disabilities are one of the important factor of choosing the right shoe.If you had a disability in the past to avoid repetition you may choose more elastic shoe or with air based shoe.

3-Learn Your Walking Style

Another most important factor is to know your own walking style.Because ankle shape may change depend on your walking style.

4-Don't Buy Without Trying 

Online shopping seems more effortless,economic but buying without triyng may cause a big mistake.Don't forget that you definetely have to try shoe for your ankle and feet health.

5-Give Time To Get Use To Your Shoe

Before waiting full performance from shoe at long term running,try your shoe at short term runnings nd give your feet&ankle to get use to shoe.

Hope this was useful for you,see you at next post !

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