Importance Of Night Sleep

Hey Everyone !

Unfortunately I got bad news that lives like a bat !Night sleep is very very important and necessary for human life .Researchs prove that importance of night sleep !

Actually night sleep is the fast asleep term that compatible with our biological clock in a dark place.
Growing,being helathy,beautiful or being ill,obesity.. as you can guess  night sleep is responsible from all of these..

Let's check how sleeping well or bad effects us together;

Why a healthy sleep is important ?

-Growth hormone excretes at this period.

-Sleeping  well reduces stress level.And helps pperson to wake happy and peaceful.

-During night sleep our brain makes cleaning and editing at our memory which is very important of our lifes-like not to come down with alzheimer.

-Another hormone called androgynous excretes during night sleep.One of the main duty of this hormone is to beautify skin.Especially we recommend to teenages with acnes.

As you see night sleep is very important for our brain,psychology and health.Ideal time period is 6 to 9 hours but please don't sleep over 9 hours!

For your health please don't hinder your sleep !

Wishing you a healthy day !

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