Remove Stretch Marks With Super Powerful Oils

Cellulite or stretch marks?I can't decide which one is worst..

Unfortunately stretch marks are tougher than cellulite.But as always we got something from  nature for stretch marks too.At previous post we talked about stretch marks how they appear,what we can do to avoid from stretch marks etc.

At this post I want to tell you about some essential oils that good for stretch marks.Okay keep short and let's jump to see which oil can help us to remove stretch marks.

1st one is :

Lavender Oil

Lavender is a natural antiseptic.Oil of this plant feeds skin,smooths and calms irritations.Is a great moisturizer and with this gives extra elasticity to skin.And of course with extra elasticity helps to remove that our worst nightmare stretch marks..

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2nd one is :

Rosemary Oil

I love everything of rosemary.And for tight skin all you need is rosemary oil! As you know this oil speeds up blood circulation and with this point it's a great enemy of wrinkles and stretch marks.

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3rd one is:

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil has cell renewing effect.Especially good for sensitive and harmed skin also support skin with anti-imflammatory effect.

Relaxes skin,calms irritation and blemish.And feeds ,moistures and smooths skin.With this fights against stretch marks.

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4th and the last one is :

Chamomile Oil 

Massage to skin with chamomile oil and see the difference.It'll be smooth like cotton.And with it's smell naturally calms you.Also feeds skin,calms irritation,moistures and give extra elasticity as lavender oil.Chamomile oil is a great supporter against stretch marks too.

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Well that's all for today.I you ask about application ,all you need is to massage that area once a day.

Hope you like it and see you at next post !

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