Climacteric Age and Early Climacteric ?

Here I'm again with climacteric or menopause how you wanna tell.I guess I accidentally started a serial about climacteric and i liked it hope you like too.

Let's talk about climacteric age :We can say that 47-51 is average age for beginning of climacteric.Age of climacteric is genetic so any other factor is not effective at this .
All of us know harms of smoking but still keep smoking.I don't know why.But what if say smoking effects your climacteric age? Smoking kills  healthy cells and especially people who smoke more than 20 just in a day has climacteric 2-3 year earlier than average.

If you ask what early menopause is here's the answer 😊

As you know when we get older our lovely ovary reserve start to decrease and by time/age it dies.And if you have this period before age 40 it calls early menopause.It approximately seems 1 in 1000 women at  age 15-29,and 1 in 100 at age 30-39.

Mood changes,sleeplessness,agresiveness is the most remarkable signs.Genetic structure is effective but nutrition,smoking or stress may effect this period.

If you have early menopause case at your family you have don^t have to delay your controls.

So,that's all for today .Hope I had a little help for you to get a little information about this period.I'll keep posting about climacteric period at coming weeks.

See you till next post !

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