Does Sexual Life End With Menopause/Climacteric ?

Yes ,it's a common question that everybody wonder about.Let's talk a little about sexuality during menopause .Cause I think there're a lot of wrong information or belief about this period.

After menopause women have three main and important change about sexuality.

First one is:vaginal fluid decreases.Second one is surface of vagina called mucous tissue becomes thinner and the third one is loss of elasticity of muscles that covers vagina.

All of this causes dyspareunia:means painful sexual intercourse that frequently seems at group of this age.If this problem doesn't cure women may feel dryness and tightness at vagina during sexual intercourse and also irritation with burning sensation may occur.

Using proper medice may help women to get healthy vagina and an active sexual life.
Also this medicines help to avoid urinary tract infection and reduces complaint of urinary incontinence. (but please don't forget that you definetely have to ask your doctor first! )

Hope this post helps you to figure out some common mistakes about sexual life  menopause period.See you at next post !


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