Dry Skin Causes and Protection Methods

Dry skin is one of the mail problem of women.If we glance main reason of dry skin ; we got cells cover whole body like a film layer called stratum corneum. And dry skin is a result of water loss of this layer.When this layer loose water it also loose it's flexibility and peels.

Avoid From Wind

Here comes the winter .I love winter so much ,season of my life.But not season of my skin 😭 Try to protect your hands and face.With this you can avoid from chapping lips and hands.

Take Quick Showers

If you take shower every day try to limit your shower with 10 mins.More than 10-15 mins may cause skin to be dehydrated.

Stay Away From Dryer Soaps

Let's admit it soaps dries skin.
Try to prefer soaps with oils or cleansers without soap.(try to choose ph level is proper for skin ph.)

Drink Water

The main source of dry skin is loss of water.Don't forget to drink lot of water(at least 2 lt ) a day.Cause you need to moisture your skin from inside first.Then you can support from outside.


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