Herbal Tea For Stress - Keep Calm And Drink Melissa

We're opening herbal tea season with cold weather yaaaaay ! I like that cozy mood with my blanket big mug full of tea and rainy weather.My dream..

Enough chit-chat.Let's talk about some real life.I had a though period at work,amazingly busy meeting,endless things to do ,never coming weekend and bla bla bla .. of course ı can overcome this it's just work at all.But I know that I need something to help  me to calm my nerves and stay cool.

If you're ready i'm telling the key word. MELISSA TEA .The real herbal remedy for stress.

Melissa (melissa officinalis) is member of mint family.The oldest usage is against for bug bites but at ancient age and today it's used for stress,anxiety,appetite and sleep.

It has lemonish smell and blossom little white flowers at the end of summer.Common usage is of course tea that prepared with dry leafs.But also there're oil,capsule and cream forms of it.

If you wonder what benefits of melissa ;

* Good for a good sleep 

* Calms nerves

* Decreases stress level

* Good for digestion

* Decreases fever

* Helps to throw sweat out

And also it's so easy to prepare.

You only need dry melissa leafs and hot water.

Steep tea till it get yellowish color and drink hot.You can add honey if you want.

I really want to drink now.Will directly go to kitchen to prepare myself a good melissa tea ☺

Keep calm and drink melissa tea !

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