How To Burn Fat With Cinnamon&Yogurt

Hello from boring workday..I learned a simple way to burn fat.We can call this perfect snack for weight loss.You'll only need yogurt and cinnamon.Also you can't guess how healthy it is.

As you know cinnamon prevents skin aging and also a real friend of digestive system.And when they become together with yogurt you'll see that you get a perfect snack for your diet.At ancient ages cinnamon used as medicine for diseases.So it's a real friend for our health.If we start to count benefits of cinnamon I think we can't end this post.But I just want to say smell of cinnamon is one of the best scent of earth.Don't you think so 😊 ?

Yogurt satisfy the need of zinc&iron of body.We can say feel of hunger exists lack of zinc&iron .So if you consume a bowl of yogurt a day ,you'll see that you appease that feel of hunger(a bit.).Also yogurt strengths structure .And as we all know that yogurt is an irreplaceable item of diets.It contains amino acid and calcium that help burn fat and also provides entero infections.

Okay,I guess it's enough that we talked about benefits of cinnamon and yogurt,let's see how we can prepare this snack.Cinnamon decreases cholesterol and blood sugar and helps metabolism to balance fat and sugar.Also cinnamon-yogurt is good for stomach disorders and indigestion.

How To Prepare Cinnamon-Yogurt ?

Just add 3 tbsp of yogurt into bowl and add teaspoon of cinnamon(2 will be enough).You can consume as snack when you feel hungry .You'll see how it works and help you for your diet.

Wishing you a nice diet 😊

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