How To Overcome Climacteric ?

Welcome to 3rd post of menopause serial .

 Today we'll discuss a little bit about how you can deal with menopause period.With this period we have a serious changing at our life but of course we've some tips that will help you to overcome this period easily.I think beginning of this period is the hardest,rest of it is easy.The most important factor of this period for women is to take exercises and get a right life style.I say strict but I don't mean like a military ☺

Let me explain how you can avoid negative effects of menopause;

* Change meaning of gym /exercise at your life.Care more about this.Try to create a routine and go to gym 3 days in a week.You can slog on at the beginning but believe me you'll be addicted to gym and you'll see that can't give up .But if you say no i can't do this ,try to use ladders instead of lift, even this will be  an exercise for you. (but i still advise you to create your own exercise routine.)

* Calculate your BMI (body mass index).Don't be too fat or thin.Your weight balance will help you to have a smooth passing at this period.

* Definitely stay away from harmful chemicals.

* Stay away from stress ! Try to keep people/causes/places out of that can cause stress at your life.

* DON'T SMOKE! we already know damages of smoking,also try to care not to be a passive smoker.

* Change your nutrition habits.You'll see that you'll have happy climacteric period with antioxidant nutrients. (fish,walnut,tomato,pepper,carrot,grape,strwaberry..etc.)

* Try to consume food that rich in calcium.Try to consume 200 ml milk,yogurt,ice cream(seasonably) in  a day.

* Lastly the prettiest part; try to take sunbathe lot and of course vitamin D.

How Can We Cure Negative Effects Of Menopause ?

 Every women has different character and needs so in this case we can't say that there's a certain cure or ways to handle with negative effects of menopause.
But we can say there're personal ways to handle with this period.

For example;you're working and have hot flushes at night,that will effect your sleep and automatically this will effect your business life.Treatment is to solve hot flush problem to have a good sleep.Or if you have genetic bone problem treatment is to take vitamin D and calcium.We can count lots of example like this.

Lastly at this point you have too see your doctor to find right solutions to see and find all details.Also there may be some diseases after this period so you need to follow your routine controls.

So that was all for today ,hope this serials are good for you,if you ask for more please let me know i'll gladly make researches and share with you.

See you at next post !

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