Potato Omelet Recipe With Cheese

I'll give a super nutritious omelet recipe.It saves your day.You can cook for breakfast of course but after gym I frequently cook this omelet.It's so quick and as I told before,super nutritious and super filling.

You take your needed calcium,protein and carbs. I love it's taste I thought maybe you like too ,so I wanted to share.

But I forgot to take preparation photos,sorry for this. 😓

Wanna start?Let's cook some omelet 😉


Egg (4 pc)

Potato (5)

Milk (rule of thumb)

Yellow cheese



1- Cube potatoes and bake at low heat (don't forget to add a small amount of oil)

2- Add milk (you can add milk with eggs too,but this will give extra taste)

4- Whisk eggs with salt,pepper and thyme well.Add eggs and continue to cook with potatoes.

5- Lastly put cheese slices and your omelet is readyyyy !

*P.S:You can add sausage,bologna sausage and green pepper if you wish.It all depens on your preference and taste .

Hope you enjoy the recipe,and see you at nex post !

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