The Effect Of Sport On Your Life - Benefits Of Sport

 Here I'm ! I thought today I can write about sport.Herbal remedies,homemade recipes,natural things are my favorite but also sport and healthy lifestyle is my favorite as other stuff too.Actually I can say that sport is piece of my life.I try to make exercise at least 3 days a week ,also my fiance is professional athlete so I can't imagine a life without sport 😊 At this point we decided to create another category about sport and try to transfer our knowledge as far as we can ,hope you like it 😊

First step is to know benefits of sport/exercise.

Let's see what benefits we get from morning exercise; 

- You feel better whole day because of endorphin (which called happiness hormone)

- Gives energy and wakes you up (you literally feel awake)

Allow you to tidy your meals.

If you start to wake up early and follow this habit you start to keep this routine This will help you to get your days more quality.

- When you start morning exercises you'll see that you get rest of day .In this case you have lot of time to do your personal things and exercise won't be obstacle for you and you can't find excuse to skip or delay your exercise.

It's a common truth that body spends more energy with exercise if you compare with period of rest.
Because heart beats speeds up and with this blood pump become faster,muscular contraction increase and lungs start work faster.Because of this people who has exercise routine has to take more energy as against people who doesn't have an exercise routine.

Well if you ask how our body get this energy ,of course with carbs,proteins and fats that we get from foods.

A gr of carbs and protein gives 4 cal. energy and a gr of fat gives 9 cal. energy.

So as you can see above,you need to decrease fat level at your diet if you want to loose weight with exercise/gym.You can prefer low fat milk and dairy products,fat free meat,fish and chicken.But with this don't forget that your body needs fat too and don't limit it too much.

For your body and mental health you definitely have to create an exercise routine.
You'll see how it positively effects your health and improve your lifestyle quality.Hope this post will be helpful for you ,and see you at next post  !


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