Only One Bite Will Increase Sexual Desire

A way to heart is through stomach..  I don't know if you ever heard this saying.In a way it's true.

You can take your loves heart and sexuality with C H O C O L A T E .

Is there anyone who don't like chocolate  ?  It's one of the most beautiful thing on earth.Also it's kinda sexy :) It can stir endorphin which is called as happiness hormone just with it's smell.

Chocolate turn both men and women on and create that happiness and sexy feeling.

It's been proved that chocolate includes cacao and phenylethylamine triggers endorphin hormone and in this way increases sexual desire.Also chocolate increases serotonin level of brain and women are more sensitive to this speciality.

Chemists tell that material in chocolate has a strong effect on human mood.Especially bitter chocolate has more powerful effect on women ,it turn women on,and also increases strength. 

Lastly it's been known that chocolate has aphrodisiac effect that makes everything easier :)

( You don't have to ignore high sugar and cholesterol level at chocolate so you have to try consume balanced.)

Will end this post some food that'll help you to increase your sexual desire with aphrodisiac effect ;

- Gingseng (you can drink gingseng tea)



- Ginger

- Strawberry

- Mint 

- Parsley

-Jasmine ( you can drink jasmine tea) 

Hope you'll like this post and wishing you a lovely day :) x. 

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