Amazing Fat Burner Coffee Recipe

If you love coffee ,yes this post is just for you cause you can also loose weight and burn fat with coffee.In short,with recipe that I 'll give you today.

We tried lots of things to loose weight or burn that stubborn fats.Mostly I advice you herbal teas that can help you to burn fat but lately I heard a coffee recipe that helps to burn fat of course as a coffeeholic i tried and it tastes good.Also I used this recipe about 3 weeks with my gym routine and believe me i see difference especially at abdominal fat .If you tried lots of methods to loose weight but couldn't get a result,give this coffee a chance,maybe this will be your solution .

So easy to prepare and tastes good.Especially cinnamon lovers will love this.So you'll need ;

A cup of fat free milk 

Cinnamon stick (if you don't have stick,you can use ground cinnamon too.)

A tbsp. coffee (you can pick any sort of coffee,it doesn't matter)

S T E P S :

Pour milk into pan.

Add cinnamon stick and boil.

After boiling,turn down the heat on and rest milk with cinnamon stick.

Then add your coffee,blend well and ta-daaa it's ready! 

Cinnamon will balance your blood sugar and reduce that feel of hunger.If you add cinnamon to your water you it'll help you to balance and speed up your metabolism.Also you can add cinnamon to your fruits and yogurt.

Lastly ideal time is between 4-5 pm.Your energy is down at this hours and eat more,so to avoid this i advice you this time.

So,that's all for now,hope this will work for you too and you like it,see you at next post x.

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