Homemade Lip Peeling Recipe

Winter means cold.Cold means cracked lips.I don't know you but I hate that cracked lips,seems bad,feels bad worst one is bleeding.I try to moisture my lips all day and before bedtime. 

But except moisture ,our lips need something else like smoothing them.And today we can do this with a natural way.We'll make a natural lip peeling.Homemade version of everything is always the best! But first let talk about why we have to do peeling to lips.Answer is simple : to get rid of dead cells that cause bad view.After application you'll see the difference with soft smooth lips.(And your lipstick won't fill that wrinkles or cracks at your  lip that's a plus too )

Let's skip the recipe,it's to easy to prepare and apply.

How To Apply Lip Peeling ?
You apply this mixture with your finger to your lips.Gently massage to your lips with circular moves.Don't forget that lips are too sensitive so make your moves softly and gently.

Does It Work ?

Absolutely works ! You can feel that your lips are getting softer during application.

Homemade Lip Peeling Recipe

  • Brown Sugar = Exfoliator
  • Organic Honey = Natural Healing Properties (Antiseptic)
  • Organic Coconut Oil = Nourishing/Moisturizing
All you need is brown sugar and honey.You can add coconut oil is you want.Just mix all ingredients in a small bowl/jar.Then apply.That's all!
I can't say something about how long can we keep this peeling I always prepared use and throw version.We can learn try and error method together 😄
Peelings may be irritating so i think you can apply twice a week .This will be enough for lips.

How To Care Lips After Peeling ?

I apply olive oil or vaseline and massage.They moiture better then regular lip balms.Wait a few mins to oil or vaseline to be absorbed by lips.

 Yes that'all for lip care ,hope you like it and if you have any other methods please share with me,see you at next posts ! 

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