Increase Your Breast Size Just In A Month

Hi ladies ! I found out something lately and thought I can share with you.One of my friend told me about this cure and showed me before&after. Honestly in the beginning I didn't believe but when I saw the result,yes it really works.

But first I have to tell you you'll not get a huge ,big boob it's nearly impossible without surgery.But as every time,there's always a herbal solution for everything. So I believe you can give a chance and try it.If it doesn't work you'll not loose anything ,but what if it works on you and you get a result that you wish ? :)

If you wish for a little bigger size and afraid from surgery you can try this recipe.It doesn't have any side effect so why not  ?

This will take a little time about 60 days but after this period you get min.5 cm growth at your size .

I feel you're getting excited for recipe so I cut it short and start to tell you about the mixture.

I N G R E D I E N T S 

- Hops (2 tbsp.)

- Water

-Oil free cream 

S T E P S 

1- First of all mixture will be creamy.

2- Put hops in to pan add enough water.

3-When it reachs boiling point turn down the stove and add cream.Don't forget mixture must be creamy.

4- When you get that pasty/creamy consistence put micture into a (glass) bowl and cover with strech.Rest at room heat about 24 hours.

5- Before application massage to your breast with linden .After it you can apply/massage your home made cream.Wait about one hour than you can clean it.

You can make this application once a week.Approximately in 30 or 45 days you'll start to see difference :)

Hope this post will help you and you'd like it,see you at next post xx.

* I am not a medical doctor, nutritionist or in a health profession or making claims to be. I am merely sharing research that I’ve done and my own personal results.
**As with any health suggestion, be your own advocate, ask your doctor and know that nutrition and beauty advice are not one-size-fits-all. Anything you try is at your own risk.

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